Does anyone have a favorite diffusing technique? I've tried diffusing with the pixiegirl method (scooping up the length of the hair in the diffuser bowl, turning on the heat only after the hair is next to my scalp) but it gives me weird looking waves/curls. For example, the hair will be waving in one direction, and then it'll suddenly be straight for 1.5 inch and then it'll change direction. Or it will be normal wavy until midway down and then it will DEFY gravity and stick straight out for two inches and then be normal wavy the rest of the way down. My theory is that the fingers in the diffuser bowl force the hair to dry in strange configurations.

My hair is too long (or my arms too short ) to be able to hold the diffuser directly under the hair (waist-length when straightened, BSL when wavy)

Has anyone experienced this? What did you do? Thanks!
2c generally, with a few spirals in front and underneath. Between BSL and waist length when straight, about shoulder length when set free.