In October, 2012 I flew to the States to meet a guy I had known online for a number of years, and who I was in love with (happy ending tale, we are married now). A couple of weeks before that I went to get a haircut, so if my bangs were a bit too short I would have made two weeks for it to grow that 1/4 inch that usually works.

Well, I went to my usual salon, and got my hair cut, and for some reason another person came by and cut my ends AGAIN. I thought she was just fixing some un-eveness, but no, SHE CUT IT ALL A SECOND TIME of the amount I said I wanted at first.

I felt awful because I always went there and although they are not Deva cut, they're okay enough. They always listen to me, never do something I don't like, style my hair exactly as I ask them to. :/ but I wanted my long hair so much for the most important journey of my life and I felt ruined. At least my bangs were fine, lol, I guess.
A 2C, hopefully something more as my hair gets redefined. Lots of chemical/heat damage to get rid of! Currently at shoulder length, aiming for mid-back.

(Any HtBlack you find anywhere on the internet is most likely always moi! :3)