I've been reading the forum for a while, and saw that someone else had a similar problem to me when it comes to this, and was wondering whether you guys had any input. I mostly have a 3B curl texture (see pictures), but the back is totally different -- something like 3c or 4a (probably closer to 4a). I don't really use any heat on my hair at all, but I used to straighten it two to three times a year. The last time I straightened my hair was probably back in September, and it has changed quite a bit ever since I swore off heat, but I still have this problem area right in the back of my head that makes it difficult for me to wear my hair down without getting weird questions/stares. My stylist has decided that since the back of my head is "basically a different head of hair", we should wait for it to grow out so that I can cut it off.

I have my styling routine down to a T, but because the back of my head dries out so differently, I don't feel like I can "own" my hair. I've tried to apply more product on that different textured area, I've tried to comb through product instead of raking through with fingers to make the hair flatter, but I haven't had any real result so far. Not only is the area a dryer and tighter texture, but it also dries out in such a way that makes the bottom "pop out" instead of dry straight down like the rest of my hair. I usually use KCKT and Ouidad Shine Serum, but once in a while will do a 3-step Ouidad routine, or LOC with KCKT, Coconut Oil, and Curls Brulee. I've been trying to find someway to get around this without cutting my hair since I started embracing my curls 6 years ago...and I'm kind of at a loss right now. Would anyone happen to know if there is any way that I can make my hair look more even, without chopping it all off?

In the pictures that I have attached, one is after a deep conditioning, and the one where I am outside is after regular styling. I appreciate any input that you guys can provide -- I've been lurking for YEARS, and you have all given me so much confidence (and product suggestions) throughout my curly haired journey!
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