Hello to all you lovely curly ladies out there! Just took the dive into the deep end and joined Naturally Curly after months of benefiting from the information and the treasure trove of hair knowledge on this site.

I have 4c fine hair that I can only describe as cotton candy in it's natural form. My husband prefers wooly sheep but that's his business

Ok, so I went natural for the first time since I was 12yrs old and big chopped 18 months ago. The deciding factor was simply that I fell pregnant with my gorgeous, now 11 month daughter. It has been an eventful journey with many tears and trying to make it work as I absolutely hated having my hair so short and unmanageable.

My natural hair journey has taken up a lot of my time. More than Iíd like to admit but that is simply because I had no idea what I was doing and where to start. Finding other naturalists online started me on my journey of appreciating my hair to the point that I really love my natural coils now. Yes they are challenging and time consuming but when you get into a groove, itís simply natural

My main reason however for joining today is to find some help so I can continue my natural hair journey.

Almost 2 months ago I bought the Organix Keratin Home Treatment. Yes, I can hear your silent scream, NO! Well, too late! I did this because I thought it would eventually cut the time spent on my natural hair by a great percentage and make it more manageable and when I wanted to have a straight style (I love versatility) with or without heat, it would be easier.

Great in theory but the reality is painfully different. My hair is breaking continuously and Iíve shed my tears for my curls Iíve come to love so much and want back. Iím actually worried there is some worship going on, however, its crunch time.

Iím an extremist so my natural thing now is a Greek tragedy style, all-is-lost-big-chop, go back to an old but not so good ex lover, relaxer or wait it out (if thatís even possible)!

Any helpful advice would be seriously considered and very much appreciated

Oh, I live in Western Australia!

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