I think I have been misinformed! I'll try laying off the vinegar then, do you have an idea of something I could use instead to remove build up. I would consider buying a low-poo but I am from the UK and they are hard to find here and very expensive.I have (literally about 5 mins ago) just realised that I have low porosity. I did the water test a while back and my hair sunk, meaning I was low porosity but things didn't seem to add up. I did it again about 3 times and all the hair floated with it sinking about half way on one attempt. So I guess it is low/ maybe medium? And thanks for the spray bottle tip, I used to try this way but always ended up disrupting my curl pattern too much, it doesn't seem to like scrunching even gently, but i'll experiment a bit more and give it a go!
Thanks again!
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