Sorry, no pics, but, yes, I think Deva cuts are more than worth what they cost.

Prior to getting Deva cuts, I was having my hair cut by a "master stylist" at $45 a pop, it never looked great, and by three weeks out, I'd look like I'd been attacked with a weedwacker, and be back for another cut. After my first Deva cut, at $85 (gasp), I was able to go 7 weeks before the next cut, so I was already ahead of the game; the next was in 2 months, then 3 and 4 months. I was able to go 9 months after my Devachan cut, with APL hair.

My hair was extremely short when I was having conventional cuts. I had tried many times to grow it, but any attempt to get the split ends trimmed resulted in an involuntary pixie cut because my hair does not "even up" using conventional techniques, and they'd keep "just evening up" until it was terminally short, even when I'd gone in with below shoulder length hair to have my ends trimmed. So, I'd pretty much given up on growing it.

Once I switched to Deva cuts, I was able to grow my hair, and without any ugly stages. So another plus for Deva.

That said, there are Deva stylists, and then there are Deva stylists. They're not all equally talented, and they didn't all pay as much attention while they were in the very short training class, nor did they have the same mental filters, and some of them have mixed their own approach in with the received wisdom. So, it's a good idea to check the reviews, and to do a consultation first. I learned with the next to last one who cut my hair that it helps not to give them enough information that they can just mirror it back at you (and yet, almost every conventional cut I ever had was worse than that cut).

That said, if you are within reach of Manhattan, it's worth it to have your hair cut there, at least it is for me. My last cut was by Carlos Flores at Mario Diab, and it's easily the best cut I've ever had, plus I learned a lot even though I've been CG for over five years, and I'm enjoying my hair a lot more than I had been for a while. The next best cut was by a junior stylist at Devachan, which cost less than any of the local Deva cuts I've had. The junior stylists at Devachan have received months of training, may have years of experience (the one I went to had taken a maternity break), and have ongoing supervision and in-services. "Deva stylists" elsewhere who've taken the class may have had one or two days of training.

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