Thanx a lot for sharing your experiences!

I'm noticing lately that my crown area and the area that is where I lay on when I lay on my back need trims more often than other places on my head. They get really tangly no matter what, and rough feeling sooner than other hair areas.
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Got that issue too and would like to trim that part of mine separately. How do you separate them into the "crown section"?

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3b, medium/thick?, high density, porous/transitioning from heat-damage
Half-african @ Holland, loose 3b, waist-lengthy, med/high density, growing out 2 yr old heat-damage, kinky strands, fine/med(?)
Experimenting with cones

Clarify: YTCar poo
Low-poo: Harmonie
Co&RO: Argan Care
Sealant: sunflower oil
Protein RO: Schwarzkopf anti-tangle Co
Chelate: Andrelon Zijdeglans & Zen Co
Pre-wash: coconut oil (summer)

: coconut oil, wash days, dew = 50s
: low dews, humid rainy days, loose worn during nite outs, benzyl alcohol