Oh man, guys! I wish I took a picture of my hair this morning before work.

My curl formers arrived yesterday, so I used them last night to see what my third-day hair would look like. DUDE I AM SHIRLEY TEMPLE

It looks really cool and retro and very 50s. Everyone is loving it, BUT it genuinely makes me look 12. I already get told I look quite young for my age and now I'm getting it x 1000.

My hair also looks SUPER short. It's about jaw / chin-length (when normally it's shoulder-length). I've had five people ask me if I had a haircut!

I don't think it'll be something I do regularly, but I do think it'll be a cool look for summer, maybe paired with a vintage sun dress and some old-school sunglasses

Side note: I put the curl formers in last night, slept in them and took them out this morning. I've never had such a bad night's sleep in my entire life. These are the WORST to sleep in. In fact, I'd say they're near impossible to sleep in. They're hard, uncomfortable and sharp and they pull on your hair and it's just AWFUL. I have a major headache this morning.

Also, I do feel like they tug on your roots / hair quite a bit in general. Which I didn't like.
3A with some 3B thrown in. Medium porosity. Medium Thickness. High density.

Pre-poo: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Low-poo: SM Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo / ElastaQP Créme Conditioning shampoo
Conditioner: Jason Moisturising Aloe Vera Conditioner

D/C: Experimenting!

Leave-in: Baptism rinse
Styler: Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity

UK curly. CG since October 2013.
Aiming for WL curls (eventually)