Fifi, the jeans in the first pic, I have to say as a one with curvy hips, thighs and butt, they were needed. I always wore dark wash. The pic on the right is more in keeping with what I wore back then. Light wash are not my cup of tea (really shouldn't be anybody's imho).

The jeans in the second pic, should die an evil, cruel death. I hated them then, and I still do.

The mom jeans now need to have a little more of a more generous cut in the leg and butt for me. They are way more appealing than the mom jeans of old though.
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There is a large difference between the ones in pic 1 and pic 2. The problem with 1 is the high water affect. Those always pulled up in the tapered leg area, more and more with every wash, and would eventually get the odd pulling in the crotch. I don't know why some jeans do that. My mom wears the ones in the first pic, in a light wash. She finds every other jean uncomfortable, but I keep trying to at least get her in a darker wash. She was a hip mom at one point I have pic's of her in bell bottoms to prove it.

The ones from the SNL skit do need to be killed with fire but I think they are indestructible! I still see them all over the place.

I love some of the curvy fit jeans now. Several come in a good dark to medium wash, have some stretch and give with out losing shape, and leg fit is better.

I usually do a lighter colored jean rather than light wash. I have a grey. I do have some medium light. I don't mind them from time to time with particular outfits but I tend to stick to medium-dark. I think light is cute on kids.
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