I ordered my hair analysis today from Goosefootprints on etsy yays!!!

yestheyrereal, I tried wide tooth comb but I can't do the back of my head at all, as you might guess it's the driest and most damaged part of my whole head, so instead I use tangle teezer original or my new addition tangle teezer splash. Also I made a protein based on Science-y Hair Blog but I prepared half the amount she suggested and I used sheets and by the time I would apply it, it became solid.

Jimipe, so from what I pick up the higher the dews the more moisture my hair should have or better sealing? Yes I use my cowash as my LI as the one I was using before, and unfortunatly loving to death, had silicones in it and it eventually build up on my hair.

So the healthier my hair gets the easier to handle? I haven't finished the book yet so I might miss some points atm.
2C/3A Botticelli/Corkicelli.Color Treated
M/C, Medium/High Por, Normal Elast. Medium Density
CO: Generic conditioner, Hair Academy Deep Cleansing CO
DET/RO/LI: GNC Avocado And Shea Butter Conditioner,,NGJRC
GEL: WELLA New wave gel rock & hold, Rudyprofumi Hair Gel formula extra strong
DT: EVOO, C.O+protein condish

Goal: WL when curly
CG since Feb 2014