I have been natural for about four years. I have always cut my hair really short even went bald once. I just Big Chop for the last time June 14 2013. Now I am currently on a growth Journey. My Goal is to not cut my hair and to let it growth and flourish on its on. So far I have been wearing different protective Styles so that i can keep my hands out of my head and off clippers. I have wore wigs, kinky twist, sew in once, little braids, and poetic justice braids. My favorite style is the long poetic justice type braids. Thats what really helps me that i feel comfortable with that doesn't bring my own hair out and that i feel really protects my own hair and doesnt take long at all. Currently i am nine months natural going on ten. My own hair is really growing in nice. I take my vitamins and I am learning to be patience and take care of my own. Its a learning process and it takes time. I have learned to relax and wait. If anyone has any suggestions and ideas and some go to products feel free to comment. I have a blog on here some where as well