I agree with Serene Curls, I'd say that if you can find a CO that qualifies with the basic requirements outlined in the original book (one with some protein, oil, etc.) it can do double duty to start with, and might even help you identify any problem that might come up. I would strongly recommend getting one from a health food store such as Nature's Gate, Avalon Organics, etc., as they are less likely to contribute to buildup and some are very good for our hair.

If you feel adventurous, make some FSG (flax seed gel), that way you'll be starting more on the natural side and be less likely to have any big issues. Btw, I read somewhere else that it's best to soak the flax seeds overnight before making the gel for better results... I never made it that way but next time I will. That recipe is the "bare-gones" one, different people add different things to it, for example, I used to add about 1 tsp. Epsom salt for curl enhancement, lavender EO for fragrance and also its bactericidal and hair-friendly properties, a few drops of jojoba and Vit. E oil, and sometimes AVG (aloe vera gel).

Best wishes and report back your results!