It's looking a bit better curly than it was when I first got it cut. The only thing I don't like about it is the curls in front are way shorter than the rest so it's like a little shelf in front. The bottom is getting longer so it's *just* starting to form a wide curl in back. Mostly I'll wash my hair before bed and just wear it wavy in the morning - it's easier and seems to look a bit more "even".

I know what you mean about your hair length, isn't that annoying? It'll soon pass!
2c-3a - med-coarse - normal-high porosity - high density

NP/LP: CJ Daily Fix, KMF Whenever Cond./ Giovanni TTTT
RO/LI: CJ Argan & Olive Oil, JC Too Shea / Aussie Moist
DT: Coconut Oil + scalp massage
OIL/STYLER: JC Rockin' Ringlets, SS Curl Enhancing Jelly, KCCC
COLOR: henna, amla & indigo
: glycerin in high/low dews, polyquats, parabens