If the dew point is 60+ and occasionally cowash, then a styler that is medium to strong hold is all that's needed. I combine the protein and deep conditioner treatments during this time. Frizz is not difficult to control.

If the dew point is below 60, then I have to use a leave-in and a sealant even if I cowash most of the time. Frizz is a real challenge at this point, and a soft hold styler is best since it won't dry out my hair. Protein treatments are put on hold.

For the past week, this is how it's been (approximately) where I live:

Temp: 73 degrees
Dew Point: 47 degrees
Humidity: 38%
Mod CG-Naturally Highly Porous and Dry
This list is not exhaustive...
Winter Regimen
Cowash: various

Rinse: Living Proof Curl Detangling Rinse
LI/Detangler: CURLS Cashmere Curls leave-in
Moisturizer: Miss Jessie's Baby Buttermilk
Stylers: various
Sealers: Tamanu oil, OH BSP

*experimenting and loving it!