Today the dew in Holland was too damn high!! (18 - 20 degrees celcius)
Yesterday during WnG, I sealed my vulnerable parts w/ baby oil after an excess of LI and re-sealed today w/ baby oil again after refreshing w/ co (just to be sure my hair is sealed well)
I also went to a festival today, which means sweating by dancing and jumping lol. But since I don't like wearing my hair in a ponytail, I wore it loose to test the MO on my hair.

The result: still a matting madness at bottom layer
Conclusion: mineral oil isn't very effective anyway when high dew is combined with dancing

Now I'm going to de-mat my hair with coconut oil..
Hennaed ✩ waist length ✩ 3b ✩ high density
Mixture of medium & very coarse ✩ kinks in strands ✩ mostly porous: sun & old heat damage ✩ low elasticity (wet)

Dew: 30sF
70-90% humidity

Clarify: YTCar poo
Low poo: Harmonie
Rinse-out: Argan Care
Protein: hydrolyzed keratin
Styling LI: Yes To Tomatoes
Seal: various
Pre-wash: coconut & sunflower oil

: oils, high dews, 50-70% humidity
: salt water, rain, high humidity, low dews, temperature below 50F