Apparently no, indeed. Especially now my hair is longer than 1.5 years ago.

But actually, my hair didn't become a big fuzz this time (clumps are still together, but have some flyaways around them)! Credits go to a handful of creamy LI (YTCarrots) and last night's coconut oil.
Henna'd ✩ stringy waist-length ✩ loose 3b ✩ high density
Very coarse & medium ✩ kinkings ✩ porous below shoulders: sun & old heat damage ✩ low elasticity (wet)

Dew: 30s F
80-100% humidity

Clarify: YTCar poo
Low poo: Harmonie
Co-wash&RO: Argan Care
Protein: Schwarzkopf Anti-klit
Styling LI: Da Verzorgend
Seal: avocado oil
Pre-wash: sunflower & EVOO

: oils, dew = 50-60s F + 50-70% humidity, CG
: salt water, rain, high humidity, 'cones

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