Since I recently follow her wash-n-go method, my curls turned into a clumping madness . I use YTCarrots as styling co and seal it a bit with Johnson's baby oil.

But IMO, my hair doesn't need cones in general and I need sealants cuz I've chosen to grow out my heat-damaged ends instead of a BC.
Henna'd since 24 Oct '14
Waist-length when wet, weighed-down 3b, high density, kinking hair strands
CG products work the best for me

Climate: 70-95% humidity

Clarify: YTCar poo
Low poo: Harmonie Familie
Co-wash&RO: Argan Care
LI: Andrelon Zijdeglans & Zen
Sealant: EVOO
Daily condish: Coconut Care
Pre-wash: coconut oil

: wash days, dew = 50s + 50-70% humidity
: rain, high humidity, dimethicone(?)