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Originally Posted by violets
Originally Posted by mazey
The major newspaper around here serves a large metro area and all of their classifieds are listed on We get a free local paper but the jobs section is more of the "Babysitter wanted" type. Needless to say I stick to the internet.
yeah, I meant the "larger area" newspaper, with real jobs in it. not small local one.

I never got much luck with Monster either, so I don't use it. I do use careerbuilder, ( for it profesionals) and

Should I be doing more?
The area you live in could be different but most of the postings on craigslist in my area seem sketchy. I've had more luck with careerbuilder than I have with monster. There are also a couple search engines that will search a bunch of job sites at once. and I like simply hired better.

Also if there are any companies that you are interested in working for go directly to their website and search their job postings. And of course if you have contacts that can help you, put them to work.
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