Who ever decides to take the plunge to try this new Kinky-Curly product, please be sure to give us the full details. As, us ladies here will want to hear the real deal and whether it's really worth trying or not.
3b Hair- low density, high porosity, scalp eczema suffer

Neutrogena T-Sal Scalp Build up Control Shampoo
Nizoral Shampoo

Conditioner: DB Pumpkin Conditioner

Scalp Treatments:
Kenalog Topical Spray
Clocortolone Pivalate Cream 0.1%
Tea Tree Oil mixed with warm Olive Oil (used as a pre-shampoo hair and scalp oil treatment)

Current Styler:
CRN Almond Jai Twiting Butter (being used for doing wash n gos/buns/ponytails with)