Upcoming week I'm going to experiment with cones (dimethicone) as wash-n-go leave-in, cuz I'm curious whether it will prevent the flyaways and tangles better for my long hair (WL-ish) than CG products during high dews.

To be continued...
CG, Waist-length when wet, loose 3b w/ 3c napes, med/high density, kinking hair
Climate: dew = 40 - 60 F, 70-95% humidity
Goal: reduce tangles and flyaways

Clarify: YTCar poo
Low poo: Harmonie Familie
Co&RO: Argan Care
LI: Andrelon Zijdeglans & Zen + YTC (orange sticker)
Sealant: sunflower oil
Protein RO: Schwarzkopf anti-klit Co
Pre-wash: coconut or olive oil

: coconut oil, wash days, dew = 50s, 50-70% humidity
: rain, high humidity, cones or humectants?

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