After 5 years with a stylist I have raved about (on here and elsewhere), I have decided to walk away. While I like him very much and feel like we're almost friends, he has apparently become so comfortable with me that he thinks he can give me any cut he wants and I'll be back for more. A month ago, I went in for a tiny, tiny trim. I'm pretty sure he cut off almost 3 inches, and I will now spend most of the summer with the dreaded triangle head. He knew very well that I was trying to grow my hair. However, I'm not overly upset because this has given me the push I needed to go for a Deva cut. There are 7-8 salons in my area with Deva trained stylists. One in particular caught my interest more than the others, so I plan to schedule an appointment for sometime in August. I never straighten my hair, so my hair being uneven will not bother me. Uneven curls suit the shape of my face very well.

It will be awkward leaving my stylist because most of my family goes to him and loves him, and he always asks about me. *sigh* But, it's time to move on. I don't trust him with my hair anymore, and that's all there is to it.
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IMHO that's all that is ever needed. I think we can all get in the state of mind that says we owe something to stylists we've been going to for a while. But once their services no longer coincide with your goals/requests it is definitely time to move on. Before I started taking care of my own hair I had been going to the same stylist for almost 5 years. She was great! She never gave me any false expectations and genuinely was concerned with the overall health of my hair, not just how it looked.

But then when I decided to go natural, though she was very supportive of my decision, our relationship had to come to an end. I wanted to stop using direct heat on my hair and didn't think she could facilitate heat-free service in a traditional Black salon. Plus, she started charging me somewhere around $20 more per visit for the exact same services I was getting before. It was just that now, she had more new growth to contend with with my transitioning hair. It didn't make sense to me to start paying her more to do my hair for not putting chemicals in it.

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