Just tried it on second day hair!!!
Waaaaaaay better than diffusing. Less wonky curl shapes and not uncomfortable hot feeling. My curls were looser but that could be 2 things. I noticed only slight frizz.

1.I dyed my hair yesterday and it needs some time to recover.
2.Second day hair always lacks clumping and hold.

[Properties for mobile users]
M+C/ii, high porosity, medium elasticity, growing color and heat damage.
2C/3A Botticelli/Corkicelli.Color Treated
M/C, Medium/High Por, Normal Elast. Medium Density
CO: Conditioner with Wheat Protein and Aloe, Tresemme Naturals NM
DET/RO/LI: GNC Avocado And Shea Butter Conditioner
GEL: WELLA New wave gel rock & hold
DT: Gliss Untimate Volume+Coconut Oil

Goal: WL when curly
CG since Feb 2014