i'm being a snob and i know i'm being a snob, but i can't help it; i want someone in my life that i can TALK to!

over the past couple of weeks, i've had messages from guys on PoF who obviously are NOT reading my profile - the stereotype NASCAR, hunting, fishing, he-man type. and their careers have been: long-haul trucker, superintendant, janitor, though most people make up something cute for that setting.

AND.... education levels have been high-school or "some high-school".

i've been deleting the messages without responding.

because i'm a snob...

and i shouldn't feel like i have to apologize for wanting someone with more of an education and a job and at least a couple of the same interests.

Originally Posted by rouquinne
I don't think it's snobby but if people do, who cares? You know what you want and you shouldn't have to apologize for that. I'm sorry you feel that you do. I don't feel bad for not being attracted to everyone.