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Originally Posted by butterflyPrincess777
to be honest with you I've noticed that when I straighten it it's a lot less dry than when I leave it I had it curly the last couple days and when I washed it it felt like yarn....I had to condition it like 3 times...but when it's straight it doesn't feel like this in the shower...
also when I straighten it I don't do it as often - about once a week, and then leave it for the rest of the week, yet when it's curly I'm constantly fixing it with a curling iron....
trust me if you had my hair you'd's not normal curly hair...
Thanks for the clarification, once a week is not so bad. I'm just used to hearing most people straighten almost daily so it was easy to jump to that conclusion. When I straighten I usually roll it up in "barrel curls" at bedtime and that way it lasts me several days before having to wash again otherwise it wouldn't be worth it for me to go through the trouble since I'm so used now to how easy it is for me to diffuse for about 10 mins. and air drying the rest of the way or air drying completely.

I think I do understand how you feel, 4 years ago when I decided to lighten my hair it wasn't done right the first time around so I had to have additional bleaching and it damaged the last 4" of my hair which were left barely wavy and rather limp. I had to resort to roller sets most of the time.

And now that I've mentioned roller sets, I'd like to say that this is a styling method truly worth the trouble of learning because it protects the hair while leaving it looking healthy (because it forces the cuticle shut) and has the great advantage that with minimal effort one can make it last up to a week. If it interests you, I have in my files 4 pages with illustrated instructions on how to do it, all you need to do is PM me with your e-mail address and I'll be glad to send them to you.
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