I plop. It helps me with clumping and with frizz control.

I'm curious. How do you that don't plop dry your hair? Does anyone diffuse? Is that clumpier than plopping?
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I squeeze water out with a microfibre towel and then after that it varies. I airdry for a while and then sometimes diffuse, sometimes use my hooded dryer, sometimes both, but I alternate heat with airdrying and start and finish drying with airdrying. Like amarilla, I don't always get consistent defined hair with airdrying only, so I use some heat, but too much gives me frizz. I'd like to airdry only sometimes so I am trying to figure it out.

My hair clumps a lot naturally and I actually want less clumping, so I can't help you with that! If plopping clumps hair, then I definitely don't need it! I have noticed that it clumps more when I comb a curl-enhancing product through it when wet, and less if I skip the product and just condition.
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