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I am still looking for full time employment..I have been looking since I was fired last year. I am currently working part time and it is so hard to pay bills. I have to have dental work done..My dentist said he will charge me 300.00. Every time I have some money saved, I need it for something else.

THe thing that I hate the most is I have revamped my resume a total of 5 times and still have not receieved any calls or rejection letters. I want to relocate, but looks like I will have to wait. I am extremely pissed. Life in a small town totally sucks. I was so angry and frustrated, I told my parents when I see a way out, they are going to have to relocate also, I refuse to come back here. I overeheard one of their conversations and they are definitely looking into this. Accroding to them it will be 2 more years.. This is fine with me...
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