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Well, my hair is inbetween a 2b/3a- it changes sooo much.. The weather makes a very big difference: humidity makes my hair superrrrrrr curly, and dry air makes it wavier at the top, and curly underneath/on the ends. If you want a visual, I have pics at the WWW link

My hair is thin/fine, but a normal amount of it. From going blonde for all these years, it's quite damaged, so I've been trying to bring it to health. I just recently (like 2 weeks ago...) began going darker, to attempt to have super healthy and shiny and long curls. We'll see !

Recently I've been washing 2-3 times per week, more or less depending on how my hair 'feels'. I usually do the CWC thing, where I do a preliminary conditioning with a cheap conditioner (like Suave Milk and Honey, V05 Nourishing Oasis, or I'll use something detangling like Aquage Detangling SOlution) and then apply the shampoo (usually L'oreal Nature Therepy, TIGI Dumb Blonde, Aura Hypoallergenic, BIolage Ultra Hydrating.. I don't shampoo a lot so I have not found my HG shampoo..). After sudsing up w/ the shampoo/conditioner, I then rinse and apply a heavier conditioner because I loveee moisture on my hair and I loveee weight to weigh down my curls and make them more wavy. EX's of these HG conditioners are Biolage Ultra Hydrating, Aquage Healing, Feria Conditioner.. I have so many more I "use" but these are my tried and true products. I'm trying to use up all my 'old' products, so I can start w/ a clean slate! I do deep treatments about 1-2 times per week, usually w/ Neutrogena Triple Moisture Masque, Biolage UH, Loreal Nature's Therepy Mega Moisture Nurtuing Creme, and Redken Allsoft Heavy Treatment.

For styling, I always start off w/ a leave in , which is usually either Redken Anti-snap or Sebastian Potion 9. My fav. combo is Aura Hypoallergenic Gel w. Abba Weightless.. FABULOUS for humidity! I also use Herbal Essences Mousse. I blowdry my hair usually after it's about 80% dry and try to stretch it out a tad bit (I don't diffuse, different from everyone else here, because it makes my hair "too" curly and I prefer waves) Then I'll add some finisher, like Aveda Light elements smoothing fluid, Finishing Solution, or another silicone serem for shine.. Then I'll spray w/ someting like Aveda Volumizing Tonic or a hair spray to set the style.

Well, that's my hair. Sorry it's a bit jumpy- I'm getting kindof tired ...
2c-3aish,blonde, fine /normal


HG's:Aura Hypo. Gel, HE Max Hold Mousse, Garnier Curl Construct Mousse, Abba Weightless, Potion 9, Honey, CON Shampoo, Suave Milk/Honey Condish, Aveda LE Smoothing Fluid, Garnier Sleek and Shine serem