Hmm, so you think it's just overconditioning? I thought about that too...
You might be right. When I use Arc Angel, it's always a hit or miss. I either have bouncy shiny spiral curls or I have fluffy undefined curls. Maybe it is just that conditioning of a gel. Okay, I'll use a low-poo and then try it again. Do you think I should use the One C in the shower next time? Thanks for your help hockeymomof3.
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You could use One C or use a lighter conditioner...that usually seems to put me back on the right track...then I start back up with One C. Here's wishing you good hair days ahead
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Cowash - No Poo, Suave Coconut
Conditioner - One Condition
Leave In - KCKT
Gel - KCCC at the moment