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Default Re: Tell me all about B&A

Originally Posted by Bettyboopnyc
I think I will have to go for the B&A. Hopefully it is a thinner gel and a little goes a long tell me all about how great it is and how to use it for OPTIMUM CURLS
I may try the HARMON version of Biolage gelee...
Suzen let me know if you want to get rid of the Abba that you just bought to try again, did you find it in NY for a reasonable price?
It is a thin gel, I don't know how they get it to work so well since I normally get stringly little clumps from thin gels. A little does go a long way and the bottle is a big 16-ouncer, so it's not as expensive as it sounds. And it has a nice coconut fragrance.

I think I bought the Abba Weightless at Trade Secret the first time, and at a beauty supply store the second time, both in NJ. It's about $12 anyplace around here, I've never seen it for less. Oh, wait, you mentioned Harmon Discount Cosmetics, they carry it there!!! And I think it must be at least a little cheaper there, they have good prices.

I probably should swap it again, but I am going to try it again before I write it off for good. Somehow I am determined to figure it out.
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