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Originally Posted by PartyHair
It's become obvious to me that it will NEVER end, and that I need to just suck it up. Of course I've decided to do that before, and I'm fine with it...until I come home and see it again.
I know, right?grrr

Ok, so here's my story...
About 3 Thankskgivings ago [which is about the time, 3 mos prior, we found out GP had gotten divorced, but he never told anyone!] Anyway, I digress...

So, he was a real ass that TG & when I said something to my mom, she was all...oh, I didn't notice...I'm like wtf...even tho you were in the kitchen, you didn't hear GP mouthing off & acting like a jerk while most of use were gathered in the den?! c'mon...gimmie a frickin' break...

Thank goodness I had no prob standing up to GP & my cuz was even supportive of me...needless to say, he was acting an ass & I was thisclose to telling him, I'd be a jerk if I was married to itch as well..but of course always take the high road...argh..

I will never get the overlooking part & of course now he seems depressed b/c apparently itch has him by the balls, even now & here goes to feeling sorry for him *sigh*...ay yi yi...even tho mom says...well, he has to handle it, he got himself into it...
Now there is tons I'm leaving out, but hopefully you get the point...
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