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Default Hello and straightening questions

Hi all!

Am new to the boards, but not the site - thanks for all the helpful curly tips! And yes, I do love my curls, but find myself bored with my hair from time to time and am considering blow drying it straight on occasion just to change things up - having never done this, do you have tips or a routine for doing this that minimizes damage to hair? Can I do this with just a blow dryer and round brush or do I need the flat iron, too? Are there special products I should use? I typically use a thicker leave-in and gel in wet hair, air dry, and finish off with a touch of Be Curly styling creme. My hair is fairly thick, fairly coarse and has some ringlets in back/on crown as well as and some looser curls in front. And one last question - can I do this on dry hair or do I have to start with wet? My apologies for all the questions, but I've never done this before and want to do it right! Many thanks!
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