Thanks for the compliments!

The photos in my fotki are after I did my hair myself this morning. I think it actually looks better than after my cut because she does not plop- she scrunches with paper towels which is ok but I think plopping helps my hair (at this length anyways).

I was nervous because everytime I tell a stylist I just want it shaped/cleaned up I ended up losing 2 or more inches - she totally understood that I didnt want any length gone so she just went around my head and picked out curls to trim. I do still have the weird growing out bangs that are about 1-2 inches shorter than the sides of my hair but I am hoping those might be able to be blended in with the rest in the fall.

2happy - I really think most Deva trained stylists are more willing to work with you and your requests because the understand the issues of 'our' hair better. Please keep us updated!
Central Massachusetts

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