Better ban poodles too. My poodle would tear your arm off if you weren't careful. And my mom's rottie was a big baby.

Owners are the problem. Not the breed.
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So many people get dogs then leave them tied up in the back yard 24/7. ANY frustrated dog is going to attack.
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I agree with both you. Hearing things like this make me so sad. I can't tell you how many people jump out of the way and cross the street when they see my dog. He's just a lovable big baby! I'm careful with him and all, but seeing reactions like that from others makes me feel bad for him. The worst thing he has ever done was jump up on people. Meanwhile, people are running up to my Chihuahua with their kids, ready to pet and play with her, and it's a problem because she's so vicious! I'm more scared to go out with her because she will not hesitate to bite. Pitbulls are really given such a bad rep because their power is exploited by people so often that people think that those types of dogs are BORN that way.
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