Just got back from my cut!

I -love- it. He didn't take any length off at all (my hair only grows to about mid back naturally), but added some really long layers that are giving my curl a lot more bounce. At least right now, it looks like it's going to give my curls more room to form, since my hair is pretty thick, and usually weighs them down a bit. We'll see how it works when I'm the one styling it, though, and not a pro. *worries*
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Good for you! I want to see photos!

This makes me feel a little better when thinking about getting a haircut. It's been about 2 years since I had it cut at a salon (I trim it myself). I'm nervous about going anywhere and there are no Deva stylists around here (not that I follow the curly girl routine strictly.) I think in the past I have gone years between cuts. In fact, before that last one, I think I went 3 years (since before my wedding). The cut I got 2 years ago was very good (and was not a dry cut), but it was right after I discovered this board, and I hadn't found a routine that worked for me yet.

I can't decide whether I should cut my hair to shoulder length in the front again or keep growing it and see how it goes.

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