I'm curious what you think America should be doing to combat the terror of drugs and poverty on our own soil?

It seems that it is much easier for conservative Republicans to try to "fix" other countries with substandard governments and cultures (this is what I've heard, not what I believe) than to work within our own culture to eradicate the terror that is drug addiction, prostitution, rape, murder, poverty, pedophilia, etc. I think we could use more special forces here trying to fix our own nation. Oh, I forgot, we have laws to protect our rapists and murderers.

And, I agree with Cherish on the WMD point. America is quite pompous to think that we should be the only country qualified to own WMDs, or even that we should get to decide which other countries possess them. I'm not sure, but this God complex our government, and some of our citizens, seems to have surely can't help with our separation of church and state stance.

I am not against aid to other countries in need. I am against us only giving aid when it suits our political needs or projections, and when the countries receiving help are forced to dance on our puppet strings to get it.
People rise to the standard expected of them. GC