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Originally Posted by shrinkster30
Originally Posted by shyygirl723
Originally Posted by Curltopia
But, Shyygirl, I think you do have a point because the Fantasia IC has PVP in it, and I have to water down or dilute that gel in order to prevent crunchies.
It has PVP? I know it has Carbomer in it. Unless they changed the formula because the bottle I purchased yesterday doesn't have PVP in it. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping that this will be the replacement for my discontinued HG gel.
What is Carbomer? Is it bad?
No, it's not bad. It's a thickener, but I've noticed that when I use products with PVP high in the ingredient lists(which is also a thickener), my curls are alittle stringier. I'm noticing this with the IC gel too, but I can counteract it with a cream based leave in. It may not be this ingredient causing my hair to be stringy, but something else all together. IDK
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