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First, let me say that America is corrupt. Our government is corrupt - I don't mean by any party or specific school of thought, just generally corrupted by corrupt poeple.

FidoGwen wrote:

Yes, we did bomb Iraq. Intelligently.

This HAS to win the award for Oxymoron of the Year
Yeah, not one of the best things I've ever said. My point still stands, but I could have said it better.

Where's the war against the countries who smuggle these drugs into our nation, or the guns that gang members use to terrorize inner city streets?
Not that I think it's right, but here (in Arizona) we aren't really going after the "supplying country" because we share the border with them. We are trying to have good relations with Mexico while keeping 'contraband' out of our country. I think we should tighten the borders . . . . but that's off subject. Another part of the reason we don't fight the supplying countries is because that would start World War Three.

I grew up in the ghetto. Seriously, when our living quarters were shot up, I slept through it - as did the rest of my family. Later, we were told that there were about five shots fired and then a car squealed it's tires as it fled, not to mention the car alarms that set off. We were so used to hearing that crap that it didn't even wake us up. In that same neighborhood, my brother would be a runner for drug deals (we moved from there when he was about twelve) and prostitutes were all over the place. It was a slum that was owned by the mob.
Having had that experience I can tell you that no one "fix" will ever work. Some hookers will be hookers no matter what you do for them or what you tell them. Drug users won't stop until they hit bottom. A lot of users die hitting bottom. Drug dealers won't go away until people are no longer willing to spend big bucks on their drugs. Because that's the way people are. If you can find some sort of formula that works, I will personally help you form a grassroots movement to get the government to adopt it!
Oh, I forgot, we have laws to protect our rapists and murderers.
What's sad is that we aslo have laws protecting pedophiles. And organizations willing to support them all the way. NAMBLA comes to mind. The organizations are usually what get the protective laws in place.

America is quite pompous to think that we should be the only country qualified to own WMDs, or even that we should get to decide which other countries possess them.
I agree, but what other checks and balances are there? It is very arrogant of America to think that we have all the answers to the world's problems. We don't have the answers. And to be honest, I don't think the government as a whole has a God complex. Most politicians, yes, the government as a whole . . . . just arrogant. At some point, America may need to seem arrogant to everyone. We are currently the most powerful nation, the big sister, if you will. The big sister - or brother if you prefer - is supposed to help take care of the "little siblings." Not that they can't take care of themselves, but sometimes they need help. Sometimes they can't take care of themselves. And that is a very fine line. We, on a human to human level don't get it right. How can we expect the goverment (just of bunch of powerful humans) to get it right? Besides, everyone has a different idea of what is right. That's how we can have this awesome thread going.

Ok, you're just speculating...
Yep. I'm not Saddam, I never was. All I have is what our government is allowing the public to know. (For the record, I appreciate that the gov. isn't telling us everything. We don't need to know it all, and America doesn't need to be tipping it's hand, so to speak.) I cannot say, as fact, that Saddam had WMD's and was using them on his own people. I can say, as fact, that he was allowing his people to be mass murdered and their bodies to be dumped in mass graves. America does not tolerate that kind of sadism very well.


They don't need our democracy. They need something different.

Really? What?
If I knew I would tell you, the government, the media . . . . I would stand on my roof and scream it to my neighborhood.

If they can do whatever they want once the US, which is precisely what they were doing, then what was the point??
Letting them choose if they want to be under another dictator or if they want to form some other kind of government. Giving them democracy is our way of giving them a clean slate. Like I said before, it's what we know and love.
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