"wow" is the only word that describe this product. well i have an appointment to go to the salon next month but my ends were in terrible condition so i couldn't wait for a trim. i went to a salon that was up the street from me and the stylist was talking about how my hair was dry. and i was like yea i know and i have no idea why. and she was telling me i didnt need gel and just a curl activator would define my coils. as she was saying this she picked up a black and green bottle and started rubbing the product from it in my hair. well i put my hand back to feel it and it just felt like it was coating my hair so i just figured oh well ill just wash it when i get home. well let me tell you by the time i got home my hair was BEYOND soft...the only word that could describe how soft it was is supple. i called the salon and asked her what she used in my hair and she said Pro-Line Comb-Thru Softener. i immediately ran to Sally's and, lawd knows it must have been fate, cause they were having a sale. i bought two bottles for like $3. i know this is supposed to be a man's product but ladies let me tell you it has softened my hair like NO OTHER! it doesnt give the hair a fake looking shine...its more of a healthy sheen. sorry this has turned out to be such a long post but i have been battling this dry, crunchy hair for sooo long and this just completely turned it around!
Hairtype- 3b/c
BC- December 18, 2004
Length- About 6-6.5 inches (stretched)
Monthly Goal- 1/2- 1 inch
Ultimate Goal- 25 inches(stretched), Healthy
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