One issue I'm unsure of, however, is why might a curly need hold in their styler???
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I'm not really sure what you're asking... I need hold to hold the curl. Otherwise, my hair would get frizzy and the curl would fall out. Does that answer the question?
Originally Posted by Bailey422 curl doesn't fall out. It gets smooshed out if I lay on it while I'm sleeping all night, but that's something different. It does get frizzy, but gel doesn't seem to stop that unless I use so much that my hair is really stiff.

I kept on hearing that curlies need gel, so I tried a few, and I haven't been impressed.
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If you use enough to make it stiff and let it dry *completely*, you can scrunch out the crunch and still maintain hold, definition and frizz control but eliminate the wet crunchy look.
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