omg...thank you guys SOOO much!!! I wrote every bit of information handed to me down and I'm going hunting for some of the sugguested products tomorrow. We have a Sally's in town so whatever I cant get at walmart I should (hopefully) be able to get there. I am very afraid of 2 things that were mentioned: One is not "pooing", or shampooing. I'm afraid that my hair will be oily since my hair at the top is straight bu then the bottom half spirals down into loose barrel curls. However, I will try that sometime (not tonight; theres alot of hairspray in it from me trying to "revive" my curls).
2. ....honey? Like... cooking-honey? Wouldnt that make your hair sticky? How much do you use? And about the bun question I mean like the curls in the bun but some hanging out. I made the PERFECT one yesterday but today it didnt workout at all. Hopefully, someday I will be able to learn how to wear them down natuarally but for now its all about achieving the perfect bun
(My front hairs arent pretty...) But thanks soo much for replying and if anyone else has anything to add please dont hesitate to take a minute and post. Thanks!!
<3 !!