right now pregnancy. When I got married I was on the pill for almost 3 years and decided it wasn't for me. I was too whacked out and it drained my sex drive. So then I started charting and did that for a year. After I had my first kid I didn't worry about charting since BFing really helped but we wouldn't be averse to another pregnancy. Otherwise I wouldn't count on BFing as the sole method of birth control. Either way, BFing kept my period away for 10 months and even then I didn't have a fertile cycle until this last January. Even when you don't chart there are certain signs your body gives you that you'll learn to read.

After this second child I may start to chart again but will most likely just do CM for a while.
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I stopped temping when I learned to read what the "other" signs are that my body shows. It was much easier. Temping got to be a real pain.