Here is some more information about my lifestyle:

-The only animal products I eat are seafood, eggs, and dairy products.
I get my protein from eggs, nuts, etc. I eat bacalhau fish once a week. Occasionally I will eat other seafood.

-Plain water is my beverage of choice.

-I am a big fan of yogurt. I make my own and eat it with fruit, nuts, and wheat germ for breakfast almost every morning.

-I eat healthy food but I do feel that it is entirely too much! When growing up it was a sin not to take seconds because that meant that the food was not good. I am working on cutting my portion size down so for the first month or so I am going to record how much I am eating. I also think this was the cause of my weight gain.

-I do not eat junk food and I do not like to "snack" unless I will not be able to eat on schedule.

-I cook almost all of my food. I hate eating out (I cook better than most restaurants I can afford) and I hate processed foods.

-I eat on a schedule. For me I space my meals 5-6 hours apart. This is sort of a spin-off from childhood. This may also be the reason why I do not snack during the day.

-I am not one to give up the foods I like or "diet."

-I LOVE potatoes and plantains and prefer to eat them instead of rice.

-I LOVE dark dark chocolate (at least 80% cacao).

-I LOVE walking and dancing. These and resistance exercising are my exercises of choice. I ran a marathon but I hate running.
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