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Originally Posted by Amneris
Originally Posted by FreeCurls
Originally Posted by Amneris
I'm starting to make peace with my belly
sorry, I know this thread is probably real old but I don't come into this forum often.

Anyway, Amneris, I read your post and was wondering what you meant by the above comment?
I meant that I was NOT happy about my belly getting bigger... but then I started to like it more.... and now I don't mind it that much, which I never thought I would say.
clearly my response is going to be from a non-pregnant woman's POV but I just think the Baby bumps are so lovely. It almost seems weird to me to be concerned about "looking fat" when the whole experience is just so cool, (the whole creating life aspect of it not he morning sickness aspect )

but that's not to negate any such feelings. I guess what I'm saying is rock that baby bump!

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