I was just checking this forum, and wanted to say that you seem really healthy! I think by writing down absolutely everything you eat for 2 weeks after your life gets back to normal (and how much of everything, and the nutrition info) and even the time of day, if you think that will help, will really open your eyes to where changes can be made.

Have you ever tried www.fitday.com to log your food?
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Thanks I will try that. I used to log in on Self.com but my PC is being fixed and now I only have my Mac and Self does not accept Mac.

Right now I will just record what I eat and the portions since my sleeping/eaten patterns are kind of wacky. LOL

My biggest issue is portion size. I think I eat pretty healthy but I love food so much I eat more than I should. I also think that it is because when I was growing up it was a mortal sin to refuse food especially when I am with my momís family.

I am trying to drink two glasses of water with lime before each meal. An Indian friend says that is what she does to prevent her from over eating. I tried it last night and it worked. I could not finish my dinner.

If anyone else has tips to prevent overeating at meals please post them. Right now I am doing the water trick and measuring my foods.

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