Have I told you all how much I love all of your help? Well, I do and thank you.

I can not believe how much better my hair is looking; and, how much better I feel about myself now. That is a priceless gift, and, I am so grateful. :kisses:kisses.gif

Someone recommended that I try re:coil with Angell. I tried it over the weekend; and, my hair looked really good. To better apply re:coil I mixed it with LLL coco light and scrunched into my hair. I then plopped for 20 minutes and then scrunched in Angell. (sometimes diffuse sometimes no) My hair really seems to like a little product when it is dry so I scrunched in a little bit of ORS Lock & Twist mixed with a little LLL coco light again. My hair loved this product combonation. Pics are in my album if you would like to see the results.

With these products, I have acheived second day hair. I just sprayed a little Mister Right on and scrunched in a little ORS Lock & Twist. Can you believe that!? Pics are in my album on the second page. Also, please notice the corkscrew in the back. Those are starting to pop up in my previously not that wavy spots. I am so excited :hyper:hyper.gif

Now, I have put myself in PJ jail since I have found some wonderful products. But, I still have a few on the way; and, I do not consider swapping to be off limits I still have Ava's combo on the way. I couldn't find it anywhere and decided to use my drugstore.com credit to order that; and, I just got a curlmart order yesterday so I will have to try that stuff out too :P