Good luck! My friend and I were joking the other day that we wish we had overactive thyroids so we could get some kind of magic pills. I know we don't really want it.

I hope you will find the answers and be able to maintain a healthy weight without any medication. I am really afraid of taking medication - I will take it if absolutely necessary, but I don't like to for some reason. Anyway, I hope our resident nutritionist Cherish will be able to give you some answers.
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I am sure the pill would help me. I would take it but it is too darn expensive and I am poor.

I posted this on the non-hair board. I hope someone will answer me.
I just want to nip this in the bud before I become overweight. I was actually thankful for the thyroid problem at first because I went from a waif to having sexy curves. But I would hate to gain more weight. My brother teases me that I am a few bites away from being fat.

Dia99, are you sure you do not have a thyroid problem. Have you had any test done. I found out I had one because my bf noticed a lump on my throat (it is barely noticeable to the average person unless I point it out). Since you can barely see the lump and my doctor told me that I could do without surgery since it is not cancerous I choose to save myself some money. Once I graduate I may have it removed but who knows.
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