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Default How often Do you deep Condition?

I'm wondering how often you ladies DC, because I'm on the 4a boards a lot and youtube, and I've gotten the impression it should be once a week. My hair is prone to dryness, But I wonder if that is too much for my medium/ fine texture hair??

The only DC I'm using is Amla& coconut milk, I just bought AOHR but haven't used it yet, from what I've read it heavy.

I just dont want to over do it, and realize it after its too late.

What does over conditioned hair look/ feel like??
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I would like to do a DC once a week, but I usually do one only once or twice a month, as it's quite time consuming.

I think once a week isn't too much, but I wouldn't DC more often than that. From what I've read, there should be a balance between the amount of protein and moisture ones hair gets, so I think it would be best to rotate between a protein DC and a moisturizing DC every other week (if you aren't protein sensitive).

Another important thing is not to leave the DC on for too long. I find that when I leave my DCs on for much longer than I should the results aren't as good.
Once you know the amount of time that works best for you, leave the DC on for just that long.

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I religiously DC with steam once a week, and ive never had a problem with over conditioned hair....

My hair is fine/medium , with low porosity so I NEED to infuse that moisture...

I used to DC over night, but I get quicker and better results when I DC with steam....

Over conditioned hair would feel mushy and break easy....

You can always alternate between a protein and moisturizing DC...there are women who DC 2x a week and do that....
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I try to DC once a week. I semi fell off the DC wagon this month (March) but am starting fresh with my weekly DC and pampering sessions for April.
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About twice a week.

I use honey, coconut oil and sometimes bananas (I cant live this in over night I found haha) to deep condition.

I'll leave it in and rinse out in the morning, partially because the coconut oil needs some time to actually absorb into the hair strand.

I have medium/coarse hair btw.
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I was DC'ing once a week until I had 6 inches of residual hair color cut off a week ago. I now have all natural virgin hair...
I should probably get back to a once a week schedule with ther impending Florida heat, sun and humidity.....

I would love to know what over-conditioned / moisturized vs protein reaction hair feels like to the touch..
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I just do it once a week.. sometimes every other week if I get to busy. And it's the moisturizing deep treatement only.

I used to do it more but found I really was going overboard with it. So I cut it back to once a week. That's enough for me.

I do a protein treatment only once a month though because I really don't need a lot of that..
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I do it once a week but I've learned I can't leave moisturizing dc's in more than half an hour or my hair turns to mush.
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I DC once a week, usually on Sunday. But I am wanting to start doing a mini DC, maybe on Wednesday. My ends start looking dry and frizzy by mid-week.
Hair type: Mostly 3C, medium porosity to high porosity depending on the day, dense, fluffy, dry, tangly!

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I try to do it once a week, but sometimes I'm so busy, or I forget, or I'm just plain lazy, so months could go by without it. My hair isn't nearly as dry as it used to be (before my mod-CG days), so I don't worry about it.

It'll be easier now with the warmer temps. I just put in a mix of coconut and jojoba oils on my hair in the morning, put it up in a puff and then wash it out at the end of the day.

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I try to do it at least once a week.
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I dc once a week alternating btwn ayurvedic powders, or coconut milk, or ; and have had no ill affects. I don't think you have to worry about over conditioning, I find amla's more a curl defining/strand strength/ shine booster the moisturizing and coconut milk has protein= ).

But if you do ever over condition you'll know it. If your hair looking dull, frizzing more than normal, and generally looking crappy, despite ever feeling super soft ( a little too soft); that's when over conditioning is the culprit. Even then clarifying and good protein treatment seem to nip the prob in the bud

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Will Soon Try: homemade Flaxseed gel

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As needed.. sometimes weekly, but more often than not twice a month (bi-weekly).
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Originally Posted by BekkaPoo View Post
As needed.. sometimes weekly, but more often than not twice a month (bi-weekly).

Same here
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When my hair is overconditioned it feels really limp and seaweedy
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I try to do once per week. That usually ends up being Terax Crema in the shower. I love how my hair feels after a more extensive DT, but I am bad at planning time for it. Ojon Restorative is my new fave for that.
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At least twice a week. My hair loves moisture and doesn't need protein treatments - it's pretty coarse.
BC'ed: 26 Dec 09

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I deep condition every week and I do a protein condition every 10-14 days
BC: Jan 1, 2010
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In the harsh winter months it is twice per week.
Right now I'm down to once every two weeks.
That may change again once the hot summer months arrive.
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My deep treats I treat as a regular conditioning meaning no sitting under a dryer and waiting 30 mintues. I have 2 jobs and I'm very busy.

With that stated, in winter every other wash is a DT. In warmer weather once a week. I've discovered how to achieve balance between protein and moisture so I'm using a light protein conditioner daily.

I have several DT's that vary on protein amount so I use the one my hair is needing the most when I do it.
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