Hi curlies!
I just wanted to stop by and make a post to say hi

I haven't been posting a lot lately, but i've been lurking lil bit :P

Did i miss anythinggg??? hehe anyways, just wanted to make sure i stay connected with my fave curlies, the NC curliessss... a little update on my head, even though i already updated my siggy:

Cleansing: went back to Deva's No Poo... I love that stuff, even though i really loved CJ's Daily fix, I like No Poo better for some reason... I still clarify once a week or every two weeks with CJ's gentle shampoo...It perks my curls up like crazy!

Conditioner: back with One Condition...I feel like OC gives me everything my hair craves... I gave it a good try and stayed away for a few months, tried a couple of CG conditioners, but didnt fall in love with any of them.. any suggestions? I still feel I have to rotate OC with something less moisturizing in case it overmoisturizes my medium textured hair (My PJ is not gone, and i'm considering getting CJ's new conditioner, just waiting for that easter sale! hehe)

Styler: I have to admit, when setting my hair, i feel like my hair is at such a level, that almost anything will work. I just need to decide what look im going for, and ill choose what to use. I love that I feel that comfortable with my hair now. I don't go for the perfect, extremely defined look. I like BIG hair.... so no clumps, thanks . the things i've been using lately: a very little bit of leave in, be it CJ's smoothing lotion, or Karen's body beautiful hair nectar(still new to that one). and on top of that, any of the following: Queen Helene strenght and shine paste or Pink boots, and on top, Ecostyler with argan oil, Deva's AnGel, CJ curlqueen, CJ Aloe Fix lite(LOVE THIS STUFF), or Batia and Aleeza's Bio herbal mineral sculpitng gel(also new to that one, but loving it so far)

I'm in love with my hair more than ever, I got my second curly cut from the same stylist i did three months ago, and i loved it even more this time :P, i want my last layer to grow as long as it wants, while still keeping my top layers very short, for my volume that i love.... but i can pretty much slap any of these products on and now that i will have a succesful hair day!!!

next on the list to try: CJ's Curl Fix....I'm trying that this afternoon! !! haha

anyways... just wante to reconnect. As always, thanks NC for this page, Curlies, for the awesome help you always give and for the tips, and all... Newbies, i think i can help you out more nowyayyy
3A Med texture, normal porosity and elasticity
CG since August 2010 and loving it
Currently loving: Giovanni's tea tree low 'poo(once a week), GVP Conditioning Balm or Nubian Heritage Coconut and Papaya Conditioner, Honey DT's, Honey in my gel:P
Style: Gel Biosilk's Hardrock Gelee(my HG) OR Beyond The Zone Noodle Head Curl Mousse or Alba Botanical Strong Hold Gel

Loves me some VOLUME So no clumps here, Thanks!

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