long story told short..I had rly long hair when i was young, it fell out due to neglect. So i have decided to take care of my hair. I eventually got a perm and loved it. will be getting one as soon as my hair reaches mid-breast length. i didnt rly like it at my current length (mid shoulder)
my hair is a 3c, highly porous, loves oil or grease (scalp), rly thick and needs constant moisture. my protective style will be Curlformers. i currently have braids, to help some of the thinning patches in my head grow.

I am a completely lazy ******* and formed a quick routine to help my hair grow, i dunno if this is too much or just right.

So here is my future routine:

every two wks
( i will use the brands, Creme of nature-once a month, and either miss jessie's or mixed chicks depending on how my hair feels)

Hot Oil treatment -every two wks

protein treatment -ev month

use only a water based and oil based moisturizer everyday ( i chose Shea butter and Aloe vera Gel)

Deep Condition ev wk ( using brands like mixed chicks, darcy botanicals, miss jessie's, oyin handmade, and aubrey organics)

take biotin pill everyday

And Finally apply my oil **** tail- ev 3 days

it's made of:
avocado,rosemary, almond, coconut, tea tree, carrot, vitamin e, olive, vitamin b complex, glycerin, and jojoba oil. and aloe vera gel.

is this too much oils ( i would only hv put equal amounts of each oil into One cocktail)

Am I up to a good start? Are the brands i named good? i used mixed chicks, CON, and miss jessies before. i had good results

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated