Moving to NY need help with winterizing my hair

Hello everybody as of this moment I stay where it is really humid at and hot. This is my first year where I am trying to really grow long healthy hair even though I been natural for 2 year. The winter will be very different for me so I will love to know what is your winter regimen and any tips that would help me out. My hair is half way between bsl and apl so it is at a lil awkward stage. Thanks for any advice it will be greatly appreciated
What I usually do is a twist out. It protects my hair day and night and I wear a funky beanie hat slightly off my head if I don't have to releast the twist out. It's been working for me and I try not to manipulate my hair as much.
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Thanks and what product do u put in your hair for a twist out
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I live in NY and the winter weather can be really intense on the hair. I wear beanies most of the time during the winter. I also put my hair in a bun and occasionally do twist/braid outs if the weather isn't so bad for a particular day/week. I am transitioning to natural hair so I may just wear braids for the winter
Products I'm currently :
  • Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia (Vanilla Latte scent)
  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk
  • Certified Organic Coconut Oil
  • Karen's Body Beautiful Heavenly Jojoba Oil
Staple Deep Conditioners: Giovanni Direct Leave-in and Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask

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This will be my first winter as a natural I transitioned with doobies so heat damage over here and now I'm transitioning again this winter I will use only butters (shea, mango, avocado, hemp, illipe, coconut ) for stlying and heavy oils to seal with the butters on top, no gels and will be bunning or wigging it till spring with an occasional breather...thought about wet set flex rod and low/cool blow outs (hair should last longer with lil to no humidity) but since I'm transtioning again I just want to hide my hair or else I will mess with it too much or to bc...I'm in jersey I'm a hat junkie so I will either line berets with satin or wear satin bonnets underneath I lots about protective styles weaves and braids but I'm not into that... Lots of DT and less washings and no wash n go's...

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